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Grass to Greens will transform your yard into a beautiful and edible landscape!

Below are photos from a few projects we have recently completed.

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Beautiful Edible Landscaping

Organic | Local | Fresh

Asheville, NC

Stone Terracing

Natural Fences

Raised Beds

All Kinds of Veggie Gardens

Grass to Greens’ employees sell produce and flowers at the French Broad Food Coop Farmer’s Market every Wednesday 2-6pm. Stop by and say hi (we are located in the stall to the right of building that sits in the middle of the lot).

Tall sunflowers provide a natural fence, add pretty bright yellows, and can be a source of nutrition

Keep an eye on the silk to know when to pick the corn!

Tasty Beans
Butternut squash surrounded by colorful flowers
Heirloom tomatoes provide unparalleled taste and beauty

Raindrops adorn the top of this sugar-baby watermelon

Cut flowers in the midst of a veggie patch create natural beauty and attract beautiful butterflies

Peppers can add flavor to almost any dish

Retaining walls


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