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Grass to Greens will transform your yard into a beautiful and edible landscape!

The Program Director, Randal Pfleger, brings experience, training and a passion for sustainability to the work of turning grass to greens in Asheville.

Grass to Greens is a program of Bountiful Cities Project.

Grass to Greens is a young and growing non-profit founded in 2010 and committed to fostering ecological sustainability, local food culture, and a green economy. To achieve these goals Grass to Greens provides residential and commercial edible landscaping services throughout the  Asheville area. Grass to Greens also provides job training for the Asheville Green Opportunities Training Team.

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Randal Pfleger    

Beautiful Edible Landscaping

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Asheville, NC

Always striving to be the Premiere Edible Asheville Landscaper;jsessionid=2B20BBE50564C11886B0123655FD4AE4?bhcp=1

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